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4 Beautiful Autumn Nail Polishes

You’re probably sick of hearing all about Autumn/Fall now, but that doesn’t stop me putting up a blog post all about my favourite Autumn nail polishes. Autumn’s well underway. Pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere, everybody’s getting excited for Halloween and I’ve pulled out all the leather and (faux) fur in my wardrobe. So here are…

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Musings Upon Turning 23

I’ve just turned 23. Well I did on the 15th September, so not exactly ‘just’. I honestly can’t believe that it’s been more than a year since I graduated. A lot of stuff has happened since my previous birthday. But a few things have started changing for me! Being 22 saw my long term relationship break down, my…


6 Months On – Life after Antidepressants

I’m really outdoing myself recently on coming up with quite depressing blog post titles, aren’t I? But this is something people have asked me about doing a blog post on, so here I am! It’s been approximately 6 months since I came off antidepressants. For those interested/curious, I was on a 100mg daily dosage of Sertraline….

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Freelancing – What You Need to Know

Taking the plunge to do freelance work can be quite an exciting thing to do. It’s the opportunity to do something entirely by yourself, for yourself. But freelancing isn’t just necessarily business related – It’s also any side-projects you make any money off. First things first, set yourself up as self-employed. There are numerous options…